About Minimuni

Hello! I'm Paul Hammond, and I made Minimuni in 2008 so I didn't have to rush to catch the San Francisco Muni in the morning. It was only useful for people that lived exactly 2 minutes from Sunset Tunnel East Portal, 4 minutes from Duboce and Church, and 6 minutes from Church Station. It was not very helpful for people that live somewhere else.

I wrote more about how and why I made this thing on my website.

In 2016 I moved apartments so it stopped being something I used myself, but thanks to Google App Engine it kept running.

In 2020 it finally broke thanks to changes to the Muni schedule, so I took it offline and replaced it with a static mockup. The same functionality is available in countless transit apps, although as far as I know none of them include walking time estimates.

The source code for Minimuni is on GitHub.